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Melbourne on CD, Sydney on CD, Central Coast on CD

A collection of miscellany.

This is our resources page where you'll find some useful add ins and tips. Hopefully, we can continue to expand this page to include things like icon sets for point plotting.

If you've got anything to contribute, such as useful boundary traces, database sets or just tips and tricks for getting the most out of Directories on CD please submit them to web@discway.com.au.

  • Page Contents
  1. More Maps and Pages.

1. More Maps and Pages. 

Not applicable to Version 4.5 or above.

"If it's in the book it's on the CD!". That's what we say, but it looks like we left a few things out. We can give you all the reasons why, but you're the customer, you asked for them, so here they are.

Each of these downloads is a self extracting archive. Download the ".exe" file and run it and it will, by default, unload itself into "C:\My Documents\My Pictures" as one or more ".jks" files.

To view the map or page in Melbourne/Sydney/Central Coast on CD, select the File Menu | Open command. Go to the directory where you put the images and set the "Files of type:" entry at the bottom of the Open dialogue box to "All Files (*.*). Double click on the file you want to open.

  • Sydney on CD
  1. Sydway Public Transport Information contains three pages: S506_TaxiInfo.jks - Taxi information, S507_CityRail.jks - CityRail network, S508_Ferries.jks - Ferry Services information. SydwayInfo.exe [1,096 KB]
  • Melbourne on CD
  1. The Main Key Map from inside the front cover (we use a slightly different version in Melbourne on CD). Page1_2Key.exe [1,328 KB]
  2. Maps 1E and 1F, Melbourne Central Mobility Map (joined as one map). 1E1F_Mobility.exe [1,160 KB]
  3. Page 19 - CBD Hook Turns. MP19_HookTurns.exe [299 KB]
  4. Page 24 - City Bypass routes. MP24_CityBypass.exe [523 KB]
  5. OD Vehicle Routes - contains two file: M485_6_OD_Melb.jks is Maps 485 and 486 for Melbourne joined as one map, and M487_OD_Geelong.jks, the OD routes for Geelong. MelODroutes.exe [1,021 KB]
  6. Melbourne Airport Terminal Level - Map 490. M490_Airport.exe [395 KB]
  7. Melbourne & Victorian Parks contains two pages: M500_MParks.jks - Melbourne Metropolitan Parks and M500_VParks.jks - Victoria's National Parks. M500_Parks.exe [1,347 KB]
  8. Melbourne Public Transport contains five pages: M535_PubTrans.jks - Public Transport Info, M539_Trams.jks - Tram Network, M540_Trains.jks - Train Netwok, M541_Taxi1.jks and M542_Taxi1.jks - Taxi & Limo information. Mel_PubTrans.exe [2,109 KB]


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