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Point Plotting



Melbourne on CD, Sydney on CD, Central Coast on CD

The Point Plotting Database option enables you to plot points on the directory maps. 

Choose from a selection of icons to display the points on your maps and attach as much text as you like to describe your projects or customers; you can also attach a picture or image to the icon. In addition to the icons we provide, you can add your own. 

You can group, hide or display points by class. View and print the maps with or without the points, which can be viewed at any of the map scales, from key map to city centre.

The search function allows searching for your point names within classes. The point is selected from a scrolling list or by typing the first few characters of the point name. The list box displays the point names and their map references. Select a point and the appropriate map is displayed, with the cursor located on the point position.

Clicking on an icon will pop up a display of its name and class and allow you to view the text file and/or image associated with the point.

You can edit or delete the points, text or images easily, and copy points from one class to another.


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Last modified: September 6, 2002