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Address Validation



Address Database Validation

With computerised address databases, the address needs to be correctly specified. The postman can cope with a misspelling, a misnaming or incorrect postcode, but a computer cannot. For example, if the addresses are to be used for preparing parcel delivery schedules or for plotting points on a map, such as in Melbourne/Sydney on CD, then the addresses have to be expressed correctly. 

We can provide tools for validating addresses in your existing database or for validating the data as you enter new addresses. The tools also provide the map reference and the postcode of the address. Optionally, a map of the address location can be automatically displayed or printed from the validated address data. 

If you prefer, we can validate your existing address database for you.

Validation Tools

The address validation tools can be used directly with an Access database of addresses or with an export file from other databases. 

The tool checks the addresses against a reference database for consistent street names, street types, suburb names and spelling and corrects or flags anomalies. The tool then uses the validated database to create map references (Melway, Sydway, UBD) and optionally, geographic coordinates. 

The map references and coordinates can then be imported into appropriate fields of the original database. The validated data can also be used to recreate the original database. 


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Last modified: January 17, 2002