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Have you got a problem with

Database Address Data,

GPS systems,

GIS systems,

Street Directories?

Whatever the application - customer, delivery or mailing lists, asset location, transport, routes, runs or territories, Discway Maps can help you.

We have a range of services and products for address matching and data conversions, either standard or custom developed.

We can:

Clean up and verify your street address data.

Convert street address data to geographic coordinates.

Convert GIS geographic coordinate data to Street Directory map and grid references - UBD, Melway or Sydway.

Supply conversions between geographic coordinates and map projections. 

Transform between the different Datums. We do them all: AGD, GDA, AMG, MGA, Vicgrid, Vicgrid94.

Our services are based on the latest street number, street name and locality data maintained by VicMap and the Ausway’s street directory data for Melbourne and Sydney.

If you have a problem getting location data in or out of your standard databases, GPS or GIS systems then you need to contact us.


Send mail to web@discway.com.au with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: January 17, 2002