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Finding Maps



Melbourne on CD, Sydney on CD, Central Coast on CD

There are many ways to find and display a map location on the screen:
Find a street address
Find a street within a Postcode
Find a Metropolitan suburb or locality
Find a city or town on the touring maps
Find a community service via the directory indexes
Find a Melway or Sydway map reference
Find a geographic location using latitude & longitude or AMG coordinates
Start from the key map and drill down through the map levels
Find using the special purpose maps listing.
Link to different scaled maps and special purpose maps at your current location with a mouse click
Find user defined points (Professional Edition only)

A search method is selected from the toolbar or from a drop down menu. 

For example, when finding a street address, a dialogue box is displayed:

As you enter each character into the Select Address box, all streets matching the characters entered are displayed, so usually there is no need to enter the full name before being able to select the desired street from the street name and/or locality list box. 

Either upper or lower case entry is accepted.

Click OK to retrieve the map. The map will be opened with the location of the selected street at the centre of the screen display. A large red circle will flash three times around the cursor.

Finding a suburb or locality is similar:

One of the most useful features is the Community Services index:

All the listings from the back of the printed directories are included; there are about 150 categories for Melbourne on CD.

You can find a location using geographic coordinates:

Just enter the coordinates in whatever format you like, and select which scale map you wish to have displayed.

The Online Help in our Technical pages shows you the full details of operation for Melbourne on CD.


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Last modified: January 14, 2002