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Melbourne on CD, Sydney on CD, Central Coast on CD

As well as incorporating the map images from the latest Melway version, this release of Directories on CD has improved scrolling and improved management of Inset Maps. These latter are the odd pieces that protrude from the main map but do not quite fit on the page of the printed directory and are too small to justify a page of their own. We have now attached these to the main map so they can be seen while scrolling, but have still retained the traditional map references for searching by locality, street or map reference.

You get ALL the maps, including the Special Purpose maps such as University Campuses, the OD maps and even the Bus Route charts. As usual you get ALL the indexes provided by the printed directories but in addition you get enhanced facilities:

Completely seamless panning across all maps - you’re no longer “trapped in the map”. In this version, the page boundaries of the printed directory simply don’t exist! Don’t jump from map to map, just scroll smoothly across them in any direction. View the area covered by the corner intersections of four maps.

This works at all map levels from key map and sectional key maps down to the city centre maps, and at all zoom levels.

You can open as many windows as you desire, covering different areas at different scales and different zoom levels.

Finding a location on a map is still as easy as in previous versions. Search by street name, locality, streets within postcode, directory reference, geographic coordinates or using any of the indexes to Community Services covering over 150 categories. Select your target and the required map is opened and displayed with the cursor located on your choice in the centre of the screen.

The Melway or Sydway map reference and the geographic coordinates at the position of the cursor are continuously displayed.

Printing is really neat. Select any rectangular area on the maps, panning smoothly as you move across what used to be boundaries. Click on “print” and the area you selected is scaled to fit the page in landscape or portrait. Any Windows printer can be used, colour or black and white.

The distance measurement facility is just as good. On any map level at any scale, click to produce a trace of line segments with the colour and line width selected by you. The total distance is displayed as you plot.

And there’s more . . . .

For this version, Discway Maps is providing THREE Directories on the one CD.

Melbourne on CD

Sydney on CD

Central Coast on CD

That’s right! Buy one, get two free! Better than steak knives!

The Online Help in our Technical pages shows you the full details of operation for Melbourne on CD.


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Last modified: October 5, 2006