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Maps & Scales



Melbourne on CD, Sydney on CD, Central Coast on CD

Metropolitan Maps

There are five scales of metropolitan maps in each of the directories.

You can change between the map scales covering your location with a click of the mouse.

The whole metropolitan area of each directory is covered by maps at three scales at least:

The main key map shows the full extent of coverage of the directory. Freeways and major roads are shown along with some secondary roads and the relative position of many suburbs. Here are some fragments of the key maps:


The sectional key maps are to a smaller scale, showing all main roads, secondary roads and collector or major local roads. All suburbs are labelled.


The greater metropolitan maps show all streets, localities, traffic controls, features and services.


For inner urban areas smaller scale maps are provided.


The smallest scale maps cover the city central areas in great detail.


Special Purpose Maps

Special purpose maps provide detailed coverage of university campuses, airports, major cemeteries 

These maps are drawn at various scales appropriate to the level of detail to be conveyed.

You can access these special purpose maps by name, or by linking to them with a mouse click from the metropolitan maps which cover them. 

Touring Maps

Touring maps cover central and southern NSW and Victoria at various scales. There's even a map of Australia.

Here are a few samples:


There's an index to all the Touring maps, enabling you to find and display any city or town.

The Online Help in our Technical pages shows you the full details of operation for Melbourne on CD.


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Last modified: January 21, 2002